Rules, Regulations & Scruitineering

Targa Newfoundland is a premium motorsport event with a considerable focus on safety, logistics and applicable rules & regulations. Our event is a meeting place for both new comers to the world of motorsports combined with professionals who have been running their car of choice for many, many years. 

However, any prior participant in Targa Newfoundland will tell you that our competitors (and our host communities) treat each other with respect, adhere to rules and as part of this, familiarize their team members with the fine print prior to arriving in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Important note: Although St. John’s is a major urban centre where emergency items (fire extinguisher, etc.) would be readily available at a retail store, you may not have time to purchase these items due to other prepatory work. Outside of St. John’s, accessing product may, at times, be a challenge. Be prepared!

Please also take the time to educate your technical crew and co-driver (navigator) on these highly important topics. As you'll learn on the route, communication between team members is key and knowing the rules first hand will be an asset to each of you throughout the week.

Education on the technical demands of Targa Newfoundland equal greater success on the road – trust us, you might need it! We run a demanding, action-packed course.

Roll Cage Diagrams & Information

For those looking to build a roll cage for the event, please download the Roll Cage file below. This information is taken from the 2007 rules, however it does explain the information needed for the build, and shows full diagrams of roll cages to be used. We ask that you consult us if you have any questions regarding the roll cage. Also, use the 2014 rules for your roll cage build; the 2007 document is only for a reference.

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